ATEEZ announces a new world tour

ATEEZ announces a new world tour

ATEEZ has been the talk of the town since their innovative idea of bringing a trilogy to the Kpop industry. The boys received critical acclaim when they concluded this three-part project with, “THE WORLD EP.FIN: WIL,” and now they are celebrating it with a brand new world tour.

The boys made a great rollout with their new album, as they prepared their audience to embark on an amazing journey full of joy and talent. The boys created a hyping atmosphere by teasing the album over and over, and finally their title track, “Crazy Form” came to light.

This wasn’t the end of the era, but just the tip of the iceberg, as ATEEZ surprised their fans, better known as ATINY, by announcing a new world tour. On December 8, the idols posted on social media a new poster for their 2024 world tour titled, “TOWARDS THE LIGHT: WILL TO POWER.”

ATEEZ didn’t release any further information about the tour, but ATINY is more than pleased, as this is the perfect way to conclude an amazing trilogy. While you wait, you can watch the “Crazy Form” music video to celebrate:

ATEEZ(에이티즈) - '미친 폼 (Crazy Form)' Official MV