ASTRO’s Sanha’s emotional cover song dedicated to Moonbin

ASTRO’s Sanha’s emotional cover song dedicated to Moonbin

ASTRO’s Sanha has always been highlighted as one of the most talented idols in the K-pop scene, and he is also well-known for his close friendship with the late ASTRO’s former member Moonbin. The idol keeps sharing his emotions through cover songs dedicated to his friend and his fans, better known as AROHA, who couldn’t help but cry.

During the early hours of October 7, Sanha revealed an emotional cover song, sharing part of his thoughts and heart with the AROHA. The idol sang an acoustic cover of “Neko” by the Japanese band DISH and left an emotional message:

When I first heard this song, tears came to my eyes. I felt like the song had put my own feelings into words. So I wanted to sing a cover of it.  Me, my family, our members, our Arohas, everyone. I’m sure that we will be happy one day. Definitely.”

The AROHA quickly noticed that Sanha made notable changes in the song’s message, he replaced “You” with “Hyung,” which means older brother in Korean and the song went like this:

Hyung, if you were an abandoned cat
I would pick you up and hold you tightly in my arms.
If you were hurt, I would treat your wound
and share all of my warmth with you.
I miss you, hyung, I can’t seem to forget about you.
Please show yourself in front of me again, even in the form of a cat.
Just one day, show up before my eyes.
I will become happy one day, definitely.

ASTRO’s Sanha heartfelt cover showed his beautiful emotions towards his friends, the sincere song shared comfort and companionship. The idol has found a way to share his emotions in a healthy way, and the AHORA really appreciates it. You can watch Sanha’s cover below:

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