An unpublished pre-enlistment farewell message from BTS’ Suga comes to light

An unpublished pre-enlistment farewell message from BTS’ Suga comes to light

After only one month of his military service, Suga from BTS has demonstrated to his fans that he thought about them and filmed so much content for them to enjoy during his absence. Now he has excited many since an unpublished pre-enlistment farewell message came to light.

On September 22nd, Suga became the third member of BTS to enlist in his military service, after Jin and J-Hope, and just like them, he has left content for all his fans to enjoy as some episodes of his interview program ‘Sucwhita’ that will be released in the coming weeks.

Another piece of content many fans were not expecting was a pre-enlistment farewell message, which was published by the Samsung brand that the idol was an ambassador. Although the idol gave a short farewell statement in Weverse, this goodbye video was all many ARMYs needed to see while missing him.

In this collaboration with the technology brand, the BTS member records videos and takes photos in which he promotes the new Samsung portable projector called ‘The Freestyle’. Then, on October 28th, the brand’s social networks shared a special farewell message for fans.

The idol started by announcing a message to all its fans and thanking them. He keeps saying that he was just finishing one chapter in his life and he’s heading to start the next one, which would be the break in his musical career to do his mandatory military service for his country.

About the collaboration with the brand and the new projector, he said that being “free means living life in his own way and following his own beliefs“, and he hopes that his fans get their own version of freedom as well as him, and so he finally says goodbye with a big smile.

What do you think about this unexpected pre-enlistment farewell message from BTS’ Suga with Samsung?