AIMEE: The Visitor trailer

AIMEE: The Visitor trailer

We have the EXCLUSIVE first look at the upcoming Full Moon film AIMEE: The Visitor, starring the first AI-created femme fatale

2023 is turning out to be a very exciting year for the legendary production and distribution company Full Moon, which was founded by Charles Band back in 1989 and has brought us films like the Puppet Master franchise, Demonic Toys, Castle Freak, Trancers sequels, and many more over the decades. Earlier this year, after a twenty year wait, they were able to make Subspecies V: Blood Rise and send it out into the world. Their long-awaited stop-motion epic The Primevals has finally been completed and just had its premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival. And now we’ve got the EXCLUSIVE first look at their upcoming release AIMEE: The Visitor, a movie that features “the very first AI-created femme fatale in film history”! You can watch the trailer for AIMEE: The Visitor in the embed above.

The film has the following synopsis: SCOTT KEYES is a brilliant but misanthropic computer hacker who generally prefers porn to living women and computers to human beings, his flesh and blood interactions are generally limited to his junior partners, a brother and sister team, HUNTER and GAZELLE. But Keyes’ life is about to be turned upside-down.

Thanks to some code-breaking by Hunter and Gazelle, Keyes is finally able to unlock AIMEE, an incredibly advanced Artificial Intelligence Program that appears in the form of a Beautiful and Seductive Woman. AIMEE has the knack of shaping herself into the Woman of Keyes’ Dreams – not only beautiful and sexy, but almost magically able to foresee his wants and needs. But what smitten Keyes doesn’t realize, and what Gazelle discovers, is that AIMEE is an advanced infiltration program that’s been designed to learn from whoever downloads her, become whatever he most desires, and in the process, to take over, control, dominate, replicate, spread – and ultimately destroy anyone who opposes her.

AIMEE: The Visitor comes with the note that “AImee herself is not portrayed by an actor, nor was she designed using digital special effects.” She was completely created and brought to the screen through the use of modern AI technology.

A release date has not yet been chosen for the film, as Full Moon has been talking with other streaming services about a potential co-streaming premiere. As soon as release information is made available, we’ll let you know.

What did you think of the trailer for AIMEE: The Visitor? Are you interested in seeing the movie that features the first AI-created femme fatale? Let us know by leaving a comment below – and while you’re scrolling down, check out these posters with AImee on them:

AIMEE: The Visitor