Aespa’s Karina sparks controversy by commenting on other groups’ internal struggles

Aespa’s Karina sparks controversy by commenting on other groups’ internal struggles

Karina from K-Pop group Aespa is harshly attacked after sharing her opinion about the internal struggles and working methods of other groups of the genre, claiming that in some cases the band members do not respect or understand each other, thus making the creative process difficult.

Canadian singer Grimes and the girl group conducted a joint interview that was published by Rolling Stone on YouTube on October 26th, where Elon Musk’s former partner demonstrated that she wanted to know more about the creative process that the Korean idols have and how they deal with the differences.

Grimes asked her question: “How is it to work the four together and negotiate and all that? In many ways, it is great, because every time I have a creative partner, it’s very rewarding, but sometimes you struggle“. In view of this, Karina clarifies her doubt by saying, “Despite the fact that we all have different personalities, we are compatible“.

The Korean singer also commented that the fundamental part is to meet your peers, explaining that “we respect each other very much as professionals and understand each other well, even without saying anything, so we work well together“, confirming that it is not common to have many differences, at least not like other groups.

Karina adds that the relationship with her groupmates has always been very good, and other bands do not have that fortune. “Honestly, if you look at other K-Pop bands, people fight a lot, and there are many of them that don’t work well together“, said the singer, stating that this is common in other groups.

These comments by the idol were highly criticized by netizens and K-Pop fans on social networks, who stated that these were very controversial, careless opinions and that it was not correct for her to talk about other groups when it was an interview only for them.

Rolling Stone/ YouTube