aespa’s “Drama” earns this week’s #1 on “Inkigayo”

aespa’s “Drama” earns this week’s #1 on “Inkigayo”

aespa has had such an amazing journey in the South Korean music programs because of their title track, “Drama.” The song has become popular both in South Korea and worldwide with numerous trends, and the girls proved it after winning the triple crown during this week’s competition.

SBS’ “Inkigayo” has broadcast an energetic episode where most of your favorite idols, such as ALL(H)OURS, Kyunhyun, B1A4, ITZY, and TRENDZ, among others, made phenomenal performances. As usual, the fans went crazy during the performances, but also they were stressed out when it came to the most important moment of the night.

The candidates for first place were BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s “You & Me,” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon “To. X” and aespa’s “Drama.” Ultimately, aespa not only won their third #1 spot with “Drama” but they also reached the triple crown status, proving how much influence they have in South Korea.

It is expected that “Drama” keeps gaining momentum in social media platforms such as “TikTok,” and the song remains in the #1 spot in the music program circuits. You can watch the winner’s announcement below and tell us what you think about the triple crown status of aespa.

AESPA 'Drama' Inkigayo win 240114 MC Yeonjun, Jihu and Woonhak