aespa brings out the “Drama” with a new single and mini-album

aespa brings out the “Drama” with a new single and mini-album

Okay, aespa fans! It’s time to bring out that “Drama.” Why, you might ask? Well, this time the girl group put out their brand new mini-album and single, conveniently titled “Drama.” The aespa girls finally kicked off their new music era, and they’re here with a new bop and EP to celebrate it! The video was dropped earlier today, and it’s just an EPIC slay, with a killing choreo, strong vocals, and a new concept.

For this comeback, the 5-piece girl band teased fans with different concept photos, snippets, and trailers, giving off a real dark and mysterious vibe. The result? Everyone was SHOOK!  This era sees aespa returning to that “girl crush” aesthetic they’ve worked with in the past. It also comes as a switch-up from their previous bop “Spicy,” which was much brighter and more playful.

Catch the MV here:

aespa 에스파 'Drama' MV

Now, get this fact: “Drama” is the group’s 4th mini album, and it features seven songs, including Drama, Trick or Trick, Don’t Blink, Hot Air Balloon, YOLO, You and their summer jam, “Better Things.” In terms of sound aespa plays with Kpop mixed with R&B, hyperpop, and dance. The verdict? We got ourselves a collection of bops!

As if that wasn’t enough, the aespa queens also blessed us with their very first performance of the track. That’s right! They recently performed their song at Music Bank, rocking the same outfits they wore in the music video, slaying with killer vocals and showcasing their incomparable visuals. MY (that’s the name of their fandom) is totally being served quality right now.

Drama - aespa エスパ [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV 231110