Aespa attended BLACKPINK’s lastest concert in Seoul, clearing up rumors of rivalry

Aespa attended BLACKPINK’s lastest concert in Seoul, clearing up rumors of rivalry

BLACKPINK has recently wrapped up their “Born Pink World Tour” in Seoul, with group aespa being part of the audience. Aespa attending BLACKPINK’s show came across as surprising to many fans, as they were thought to be rivals due to the similarities the groups have. With both of them having 4 members, two rappers and using the “Girl Crush” concept, fandoms quickly decided to make comparisons and create an enmity between these talented girls that does not actually exist.

These false rumors were finally cleared up when the aespa girls were spotted at BLACKPINK’s final shows for their tour in the South Korean capital city. As a result, both BLACKPINK fans (BLINKS) and aespa fans (MY) wondered how both 4-piece girl bands crossed paths.

This was clarified by aespa’s vocalist and rapper, Karina, who said BLACKPINK singer Jisoo, contacted her first and they exchanged a few texts. After that, they apparently became friends, and the invitation to the “Born Pink” show was later given to the other aespa members. Karina affirmed this during a video call fan sign:

“Jisoo contacted me first to tell me that she likes me.”

This was later corroborated by aespa’s main rapper, Giselle, who also shared how they got to attend BLACKPINK’s show. She stated that they “were invited before.” Moreover, footage of the girls in the show with their BI-ping-bong (which is BLACKPINK’s lightstick name) were also shared on social media platforms.

As of now, BLACKPINk culminated their massive tour and have fans on the edge after rumors of possible contract renewal declines with their agency, YG Entertainment. Then, aespa has recently released their song “Better Things,” and is about to conclude their tour “SYNK : Hyper Line.”