‘Adamas’ Episode 7: Ji Sung Amazed Haesong Chairman’s Bombshell Information


A lot of secrets are actually however to become refixed as “Adamas” episode 7 provides stunning revelations around the situation being actually re-investigated through Ji Sung.

As the secret criminal offense K-drama gotten to completion of its own very initial fifty percent, new personalities that participated in a considerable role were actually also presented.

‘Adamas’ Episode 7: Song Soo Hyun Learns Around SIH’s Fascination Along with Team A
In spite of their love-hate connection, Song Soo Hyun as well as Kim Seo Hee are actually collaborating along with the SIH after understanding their objective towards quit Team A led through Mr. Lee.

The duo was actually given the trick head office of the SIH where the examination team
Kang Hyuk Pil is actually waiting on all of them. He revealed the link of Team A along with Haesong’s chairman as well as called the unique team or even the chaebol’s hitman.

Additionally, Kang Hyuk Pil also revealed towards the prosecutor why he is actually therefore focused on carrying down Team A; this is actually since a number of prominent individuals like the previous head of states as well as political leaders looked for assist coming from the chairman towards get rid of their opponents.

The SIH team
discussed that Team A created the killings as if it was actually a mishap towards cover their criminal offenses.

In addition to it, he revealed towards Song Soo Hyun that the chairman is actually readied to introduce an depot company that will legalize using guns.

Because of his extreme examination as well as objective towards get rid of the team, Kang Hyuk Pil understood that his times were actually phoned number as well as also cautioned the prosecutor that he will be among their aim ats.

Ha Woo Shin’s Breakthrough of Ms. Kwon’s Trick

The unique author was actually interested around how Ms. Kwon was actually therefore safety of the Chairman as well as believes that it is actually more compared to simply her commitment towards him.

To obtain more info, he bribed Ms. Kwon’s right-hand man as well as the
house househouse cleaning Mrs. Oh that understood the ins as well as from the Haesong estate.

Along with a significant quantity of money, Mrs. Oh splashed the tricks of Ms. Kwon beginning along with her son that dedicated self-destruction.

After physicians stated him lifeless, Ms. Kwon decided to contribute her son’s center towards the chairman. Ha Woo Shin thinks that this is actually her method to become along with her son once once more.

As a reward, the
house househouse cleaning revealed that Ms. Yoon, the chairman’s secretary, was actually the one that suggested him towards her manager to become his ghostwriter.

Eun Hye Soo’s Discovery

Coming from Team A’s objective towards Ms. Kwon’s link along with the chairman, “Adamas” episode 7 unveils more unexpected tricks.

After Ha Woo Shin revealed towards Hye Soo the individual that suggested him towards the chairman, she believes that it was actually due to her. Because Ha Woo Shin appeared just like Kwon Minjo, Hye Soo’s previous enthusiast, the secretary believes that Hye Soo may have actually an event along with the author.

It could be remembered that Hye Soo’s hubby remains in like along with Ms. Yoon however possessed to perform the organized marital relationship as advised due to the chairman.

Is actually Lee Changwoo Innocent?
As “Adamas” episode 7 proceeds, Eun Hye Soo informs Ha Woo Shin that she is actually specific that Lee Changwoo was actually innocent.

She remembered that Minjo utilized to perform offer work at the jail as well as satisfied Lee Changwoo. After knowing that he was actually innocent of the situation, he wished to assist the guy leave the criminal offense.

Nevertheless, because Minjo is actually digging up the dust that his dad as well as sibling performed, he winds up lifeless in an supposed mishap.