‘Adamas’ Episode 6: Ji Sung Obtains Captured Up in Challenging Circumstance

'Adamas' Episode 6: Ji Sung Obtains Captured Up in Challenging Circumstance

“Adamas” episode 6 showcases how Ji Sung as well as the authorities were actually left behind blindsided after team A retaliated. On the other hand, his double sibling was actually left behind in a difficult area after among the aides at Haesong Real property ended up being questionable of his activities.

‘Adamas’ Episode 6: Song Soo Hyun, Kim Seo Hee, as well as SIH Assaulted through Lee’s Team A
The episode begins along with Song Soo Hyun collaborating along with the SIH to obtain the identifications of team A’s innovator that is actually thought to become the struck guy of Chairman Kwon.

Because the authorities possessed no proof towards sustain their insurance cases, they utilized among team A’s participants that was actually tailing the prosecutor as well as the individual that tried towards eliminate the reporter, Kim Seo Hee.

At the hideout, they tortured Mr. Kim however is actually identified certainly not towards divulge any type of information about their team.

However, the SIH was actually captured off protector after team A assaulted their hideout, leaving behind a few of the SIH participants lifeless.

Fortunately, Song Soo Hyun as well as Kim Seo Hee handled towards leave the event in addition to the SIH captain.

Song Soo Hyun Unveils Why He’s Consumed Along with Searching for His Father’s Offender
In “Adamas” episode 6, it revealed why Song Soo Hyun is actually excited towards re-open the situation of his father. It is actually since he really experienced responsible as well as idea that he is actually the reason he was actually killed.

Remembering his past times, Song Soo Hyun informs Kim Seo Hee that prior to the murder, his father, was actually employed through Lee Chang Woo as a moving company when he moved towards the neighborhood; however, he still has actually a one hundred,000 won equilibrium for Soo Hyun’s father.

Because Children’s Day is actually happening, he inquired his father for a plaything activity number. However, to obtain him the present, his father gone to Lee Chang Woo’s home to obtain the equilibrium.

Sadly, his father really did not obtain house as well as was actually informed that he was actually killed.

Eun Hye Soo’s Marital relationship Along with Kwon Hyun Jo

Besides the prosecutor, Eun Hye Soo’s marital relationship was actually also discovered.

Eun Hye Soo’s marital relationship towards Kwon Hyun Jo, the heir of Haesong team was actually only for business between her father as well as chairman Kwon as well as never ever truly liked her hubby.

However, she as well as Kwon Hyun Jo possessed an offer that they’ll submit a separation when the chairman died.

The episode also included Kwon Hyun Jo’s real love, that was actually the chairman’s secretary, Yoon Jin, which Eun Hye Soo understood about.

Will certainly Ha Woo Shin Obtain Broken Through Ms. Ong?

Understanding that the Adamas weren’t in the chairman’s space, Ha Woo Shin is actually identified towards inspect every feasible place of it. He once more partnered with Choi Tae Sung concerning the safety and safety towards completely check the ins as well as from his workplace.

Ha Woo Shin had the ability to discover a trick flow that results in Ms. Kwon’s space.

However, because Ms. Oh, among the relied on aides of Ms. Kwon suspects that the author depends on one thing, she wished to capture Ha Woo Shin red-handed.

Fortunately he had the ability to slip away from Ms. Kwon’s space however bumped right in to among the safety and safeties, Mr. Kim.

Right below, he covered ha Woo Shin however Ms. Ong is actually still skeptical about him. However, she place him in a limited area after inquiring about his intention for mosting likely to the chairman’s workplace behind time in the evening.

This stunned Ha Woo Shin after he idea that no one understood about his tasks that day.