Actress who looks like Lisa of BLACKPINK is going through an unexpected controversy

Actress who looks like Lisa of BLACKPINK is going through an unexpected controversy

You might remember Jin Ga Hyun, who has an uncanny resemblance to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. Well, this time we’ve got a story straight out of the Jin Ga Hyun saga that no one saw coming! Her recent participation in a dating show sparked some controversy previously, but it looks like that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Recently, M Place (that’s Jin Ga Hyun’s former agency) spilled some major tea. Today (Dec. 19) the company revealed that our look-alike sensation is no longer in the acting game. You read that right, the Lisa twin has just quit acting and said goodbye to the limelight!

Now, here’s that flipping hot tea the agency spilled for us: apparently, the former actress was with M Place from November 2020 to May of this year, but she surprisingly gave a major plot twist, and she’s now working in the culinary world. Jin Ga Hyun is currently running a restaurant with a former colleague, and she’s seemingly loving the chef’s hat more than the spotlight.

While the company was spilling the tea, they also expressed their disappointment due to the controversy about Jin Ga Hyun’s dating appearance. For that reason, they want the world to know that Jin was a hardworking actress who didn’t cut corners so that her acting journey has a proper ending.

So it seems that’s the current deal with Lisa’s look-alike and her career switcheroo. Who would’ve thought we would have this plot twist? An acting career propelled due to Jin’s resemblance to the BLACKPINK member, a dating show controversy to finally quitting acting and now owning a restaurant. That’s quite the ride!