Actress responds strongly to the hate she receives after rumors of dating BTS’ Jimin

Actress responds strongly to the hate she receives after rumors of dating BTS’ Jimin

After being linked to a world-class celebrity, actress Song Da Eun decides to open up publicly and she shared how these dating rumors with K-Pop idol Jimin from BTS have affected her, and ask for a stop to these negative comments for whcih she would take legal action.

Some time ago, the actress was linked to the South Korean singer due to certain common accessories and compromising publications, which led fans to believe that both artists were dating, and some even felt threatened and sent hate comments to the actress.

These comments continued, and the South Korean, who is part of the cast of the reality show ‘Heart Signal 2’, decided to speak out about it on October 20th through an Instagram story, where she declared the following:

Please don’t ask me about things I am not related to. I’m not crazy; I really know how scary fandoms can be sometimes. So please stop trying to scare me by doing all these things for which you could be sued. Since then, I’ve been gathering materials from Instagram, YouTube, and others“.

There are a few of them who are asking about the past photos of me. I thought that even if I uploaded a photo today, they would claim that I posted it in the past or just at a different time. Since they don’t know how my day is, I don’t respond to these types of comments“.

As the actress said, some fandoms can be scary, since due to their strong fanaticism, they affect other people close or not close to the members of the group for their jealousy or some other reason that can ruin the life of an innocent person.

Although it is not the first time that Song Da Eun has denied these rumors, it is expected that these falsifications of information in her publications, hateful comments, and threats will end soon, and no one should be sued by the artist, as she made clear in her Instagram story.

On the other hand, the BTS member has attracted attention by becoming one of the most nominated artists in the K-Pop industry awards ceremony, the MAMA Awards 2023, where, together with his partner Jungkook, he has led these nominations by being in most of its categories.