a new documentary shows their similarities

a new documentary shows their similarities

BTS has always been that one Kpop group to work on their artistry the hardest they can. From their vocals to their rapping or their breathtaking choreos, this group always goes next level.

But this BTS magic we all know and love, couldn’t be possible without the influence of pop king Michael Jackson, who has inspired a generation of artists all around the globe.

And that’s exactly what “Thriller 40,” a new documentary celebrating the 40th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s iconic album “Thriller,” had to say. This musical film takes a deep dive into the everlasting legacy of the “Billie Jean” hitmaker and his influence on today’s music scene.

Need proof? Well, one of the segments highlights the impact he had (and currently has) on the Kpop genre, including none other than one of the most popular acts in this music style, BTS. This can be seen in the “Dynamite” music video the most.

Check out what we’re talking about in this fragment of the documentary, and let us know if you’re loving the Michael Jackson vibes BTS has: