7 K-Pop idols who will return from military service next year 2024

7 K-Pop idols who will return from military service next year 2024

It is well known that many K-Pop singers take a break from their music career as idols to fulfill their responsibilities within the military service, and since their return to music is the most-awaited moment by fans, we will present you some of them who will return from their duty next year, 2024.

1. BTS’ Jin: Since his enlistment was on December 13th, 2022, his expected release date is on June 12th, 2024, great news for ARMYs.

2. BTS’ J-Hope: He was the second of the group to complete his military service work by enlisting on April 17th, 2023, so he would be discharged on October 17th, 2024.

3. GOT7’s Jay B: He would be ready to return home on November 1st, 2024, since his enlistment in the military was on February 2nd, 2023.

4. GOT7’s Jinyoung: He joined the military on May 8th, 2023, so he will be able to finish his duties on November 4th, 2024, soon after his partner.

5. Wonho: This solo artist joined the military ranks on December 5th, 2022, and so many fans are looking forward to his return to the stage on September 4th, 2024.

6. WINNER’s Mino: The member of the famous boygroup enlisted in the military service on March 24th, 2023, and is expected to be discharged on September 22nd, 2024.

7. WINNER’s Seungyoon: The K-Pop began his military service activities on June 20th, 2023, and would complete his duty for his country on December 20th, 2024.